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Robert E. Clark, CPA - Key West, FL


We offer accounting services for small businesses and non-profits. Whether you want someone to just "keep your books" or you want someone to be a trusted advisor, we've got you covered. We also offer QuickBooks Consulting for all versions of QuickBooks.

We're Specialists in Accounting & Tax

We are not a full-service accounting firm. We don't do Valuations, Financial Audits, Risk Management, Forensic Litigation, and etc.

All we do is Small Business Accounting & Tax. We're very good at it!


We prepare tax returns for small businesses and individuals. The most common types of taxation we deal with are income tax, sales tax, payroll tax, and self-employment tax. Perhaps our favorite service that we offer is tax planning. We love helping clients lower their tax bill!

Small Business Accounting

You can break down accounting services into two categories: Compliance and Consulting. We offer both.

Common Compliance Services are monthly accounting, payroll, sales tax, QuickBooks clean-up, issuing 1099's and W-2's, and filing the Florida Annual Report. 

Common Consulting Services are entity selection, making tax elections for your business, determining reasonable compensation for business owners, QuickBooks consulting, determining the best way to reply to government agencies, preparing charts to track financial data, and perhaps most importantly: The presentation and analysis of your financial statements.

Business Owners who come in for the first time usually one of three things: 1. Handle all of my compliance items. 2. Teach me to do the compliance items myself. 3. Handle all of my compliance items and provide consulting services. Our service offerings are flexible and we can accommodate all three request or any combination of them.

Tax Return Preparation

Tax help is what CPA's are known for, and we love working on taxes here. Why? Because we love to help people maximize their tax refunds, or lower the amount of taxes they owe.  The expert advice you receive from a CPA, or an EA, can save you more money than the tax preparation fees you pay.  

We prepare all types of tax returns: Personal Tax Returns, Corporate Tax Returns for LLC's, S Corporations, Partnerships, and Corporations; Non-Profit tax returns for Public Charities and Private Foundations. We also prepare Gift and Estate Tax Returns.

We offer tax planning services and can give you advise on which tax planning strategy makes the most sense in your situation. We often recommend strategies that not only lower your taxes but help you save for retirement. Need help determining if you should invest in a Traditional IRA or Roth IRA? We help with that too.

Skylar Winepol

Skylar Winepol

Digital Marketing Services

I'm very impressed with Mr. Clark's professional accounting services here in Key West. He has helped my digital marketing agency immensely. He represents his clients well and we will continue to recommend him to all business owners and all non-profit organizations.

Harry Crissy


Mr. Clark is very concise and clear in his work. He is able to ensure that you understand your status as a business. I highly recommend!

A Press

Alexander Press

Social Media Strategist

Robert Clark is a spectacular accountant for his transparency and customer service. He educated me on what I need to properly manage my LLC and grow my business and I highly recommend him for all accounting services.

david tobar

David Tobar

I describe my experience as both professional and skillfull. I proudly recommend his services. Excellent work!


Joseph Phillips

I've had many questions about the tax code. Robert is able to answer my questions in a way that I can understand. He makes my tax problems easy to understand and has given me helpful advice in how to fix my tax problems.

rob k

Rob Knight

Very professional, knowledgeable, and personable. Would highly recommend Mr. Clark for his services.


JR Fogarty

Business Owner

Very intelligent and extremely competent. Easy to work with.

Don S

Don Sattely

This is by far the most Professional businessman I have ever had the occasion to work with! Five Stars!

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