Robert E. Clark, CPA - Key West, FL

"We help businesses understand their finances so
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I'm a Certified Public Accountant located in beautiful Key West, FL.  Most of my clients are located in the keys.


Client Focused

I take an educational approach with my clients.  I spend time teaching them sound tax management and accounting principles. My goal as your CPA is to educate you so you can better manage your business.



Many small business owners need some accounting and tax help, but they think they can't afford a local Key West CPA.  I offer different accounting packages with varying prices, so you get to choose what you can afford, not me. 


Key West Business Accounting

Reliable Accounting doesn’t happen by accident, nor does it happen by simply entering in transactions into accounting software.  Reliable accounting is the result of accurate and consistent bookkeeping, and then the posting of relevant adjusting journal entries by a knowledgeable accountant or CPA.  There are no shortcuts in obtaining reliable accounting, but the end result, which is reliable Financial Statements, is worth it. 

Whether you have bookkeeping and accounting needs, or just accounting needs, we’ve got you covered.  Our ultimate goal is to produce a set of financial statements each month that allow you to better manage your business.  It takes time, and quite a bit of work in some cases, but having reliable financial statements makes it worth it.  Financial Statements show you the overall health of your company.  They allow you to see small problems before they become big problems, and they also allow you to see opportunities before your competitors do. 

Don't know how to read financial statements like a CPA does? We've got you covered there too. We offer what we call a "Mini-MBA" program that teaches you how to read and analyze your financial statements.

Key West Non-Profit Accounting

Some of the most complex bookkeeping and accounting issues that CPA's in Key West face are from Non-Profits.  Non-Profits have different accounting rules than businesses do.  From fund accounting and restricted accounts to the manner in which they book receivables and income, Non-Profit accounting can be quite challenging. 

On top of all this, we advocate that Non-Profits use Class reporting extensively in their bookkeeping and financial statement preparation, which adds another level of complexity.  Class accounting allows for separate Profit & Loss Statement for all of the individual Events and Programs the Non-Profit runs.  Running after-the-fact reports, by class, for Grant purposes is easy when the bookkeeper enters in appropriate classes when entering transactions.

Key West Income Tax Preparation

Need tax help? Tax help is what CPA's are known for, and we love working on taxes here. Why? Because we love to help people maximize their tax refunds, or lower the amount of taxes they owe.  The expert advice you receive from a CPA will many times save you more money on your tax return that the tax preparation fees you pay.  Also, a CPA can help you develop a tax plan to better manage your tax liability in future years.

We provide a full range of tax services to both individuals and small businesses.  From simply preparing your tax return to showing historical trends and then forecasting future returns, and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.

We handle tax returns of all sizes, from simple 1040EZ’s and 1040’s with complex itemization, to corporate 1120’s and non-profit 990’s, we can handle all of your tax preparation needs.

Skylar Winepol

Skylar Winepol

Digital Marketing Services

I'm very impressed with Mr. Clark's professional accounting services here in Key West. He has helped my digital marketing agency immensely. He represents his clients well and we will continue to recommend him to all business owners and all non-profit organizations.

Harry Crissy


Mr. Clark is very concise and clear in his work. He is able to ensure that you understand your status as a business. I highly recommend!

A Press

Alexander Press

Social Media Strategist

Robert Clark is a spectacular accountant for his transparency and customer service. He educated me on what I need to properly manage my LLC and grow my business and I highly recommend him for all accounting services.

david tobar

David Tobar

I describe my experience as both professional and skillfull. I proudly recommend his services. Excellent work!


Joseph Phillips

I've had many questions about the tax code. Robert is able to answer my questions in a way that I can understand. He makes my tax problems easy to understand and has given me helpful advice in how to fix my tax problems.

rob k

Rob Knight

Very professional, knowledgeable, and personable. Would highly recommend Mr. Clark for his services.


JR Fogarty

Business Owner

Very intelligent and extremely competent. Easy to work with.

Don S

Don Sattely

This is by far the most Professional businessman I have ever had the occasion to work with! Five Stars!