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Individual Tax Preparation

Individual Tax Preparation

If you’re living in the Key West area, consult Robert E. Clark, LLC on your options for professional tax preparation. No matter what tax form you need to be filled out, we are happy to assist you. We often have a staff accountant prepare your tax return, to make the best use of their experience and time while keeping costs to our clients at a minimum. After your taxes have been prepared by them, Robert personally reviews all forms to make sure that your tax returns are accurate and that you’re getting the highest possible refund.

We know that hiring a tax preparation firm for your tax preparation needs can be a significant decision, especially given the weight it carries for your financial future. We work diligently to prepare your income tax return accurately and in a timely manner.  Your information is kept 100% confidential and confidential documents are shredded so you never have to worry anyone else seeing your financial information.  Also, if needed, you can request that only Robert sees and prepares your taxes.

We take a different approach to preparing your income tax return. We seek to educate you so you can be better prepared to manage your tax liability in the future.  We place a priority on our clients understanding the basics of tax planning.  Tax planning is a year-round activity. With a clear understanding of your goals, we can help you craft a sound tax strategy to better manage your tax liability.

As tempting as it is to file your taxes online by yourself, a dedicated accountant and tax preparer is much more capable. For an affordable rate, we can prepare your income tax returns and give you the peace of mind that they were completed by competent professionals. It is likely that our tax preparation, given that you provide us with the pertinent information, can be more comprehensive and indeed more correct than taxes that you file yourself. Contact us for all of your tax help needs.

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