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QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop?

Intuit, the maker of QuickBooks, offers two versions of Quickbooks: the traditional desktop version and the newer online cloud version.  Unfortunately, they look and operate differently from one another.  Most QuickBooks users must decide which version they want to work with, as learning both is time-consuming and unnecessary.

I am very familiar with QuickBooks desktop (desktop), but I recommend QuickBooks online (QBO) to my clients.  Intuit is investing more resources into QBO than they are desktop and has made it clear that they see QBO as their primary offering to the public.  This means QBO will continue to get better and offer additional features, whereas desktop is unlikely to receive significant upgrades in the future.  Also, QBO has hundreds of apps that allow users to streamline certain processes.  Throw in the fact that QBO is mobile friendly, so you can access reports on-the-run with your phone, and it's clear that QBO just offers more than desktop does.

I teach a QuickBooks Online two-day course, along with another CPA, in Key West.  Once we have at least five interested students we set a date and typically teach on a Friday and Saturday.  Course topics include company setup, building lists, recording sales, creating invoices and statements, writing checks, setting up and managing bank accounts, managing assets and liabilities, payroll, bank reconciliations, the basics of reading financial statements, and much more.

Need QuickBooks Desktop or Microsoft Excel training?  I offer one-on-one training for both.


Daily tasks made easier

You can capture receipts on your phone, automatically download and categorize bank and credit card statements, send invoices and run payroll right from your phone, and much more. 


Sharing with your accountant is easy

Both you and your accountant can be in QBO at the same time with no problem.  You no longer have to save backups and email them, or physically mail a thumb drive, to your accountant. 


3rd Party Apps

There are hundreds of 3rd party apps, that Intuit verifies, that work with QBO.  Many of these apps can do immediately what manually can take hours to do.


The price for the two-day QuickBooks Online training is $550 per person, with a discount being offered for groups larger than three.  Pricing for individual one-on-one QuickBooks or Microsoft Excel training is $200 per hour at my office and $300 per hour at your office.

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