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CPA Services In Lehigh Acres, FL

Located in Lee County, Lehigh Acres was developed in the mid-1950s by Chicago businessman Lee Ratner. Today, Lehigh Acres is home to many small businesses and medium-sized enterprises, like many other Florida communities. One thing that all small businesses across the state have in common is a need for small business accounting services.

That’s where Robert E. Clark comes into the picture. Robert E. Clark is a Certified Public Accountant in the state of Florida, and the holder of a Masters of Business in Administration from Utah State University. Furthermore, Robert E Clark is a U.S Military veteran, having served as a paratrooper in the 82nd Division of the United States Army. Robert credits this combination of hands-on experience, education, and discipline as the foundation of his business.

Through Robert E. Clark’s small business accounting services, Robert offers payroll, business filings, general bookkeeping, and day-to-day accounting activities such as Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivables. Additionally, Robert. E Clark performs tax advisory services through business tax preparation. What makes Robert E. Clark different from other accountancies is that along with small business accounting and tax liability management, they also train clients on how to effectively scale their business.

Continue reading below and see what some of Robert’s services can encompass for you.

Lehigh Acres CPA Small Business Accounting

Reliable accounting is always needed by any and all organizations and it should be done by an experienced Lehigh Acres CPA. Between record keeping and other financial responsibilities, small business accounting can be a very time-consuming responsibility. Hiring a Certified Public Accountant in Lehigh Acres can tremendously benefit you and the growth of your business. CPAs prepare and analyze your financial data so you have accurate information.  This gives you the ability to make better decisions for your business, and it also grants you a lot of free time. That way, you’ll be able to shift your focus more on your business overall as opposed to one spot.

Lehigh Acres CPA Tax Planning

Your future planning will always need its finances to be assessed. This is because your finances are typically the most important key trait in ensuring your future is secured financially. Other than tax knowledge, the team at Robert E. Clark can offer you a step-by-step plan for when you need help planning your retirement. The most important part of developing this plan is just simply taking the time to asses your retirement goals. After that, Robert E. Clark and his team will analyze your net worth and begin to calculate the best retirement contributions you should be making.  

Apart from the above-mentioned services, Robert E. Clark can also evaluate your expenses to ensure that the budget you’re provided with is adequate. And though we aren’t investment brokers, we can still find the right investment broker for you and communicate your needs to them.  This allows them to do their job in a manner that’ll complement the retirement plan created for you.

Lehigh Acres CPA Business Tax Preparation

You’ve probably asked yourself more than once, “what type of entity should my business be?” It’s a question you constantly ponder on because it’s often one that’s very difficult to answer. But save yourself the time of trying to solve it. When you have an experienced CPA to assist you, they can provide you with the best answer. And because Robert E. Clark and his team have served countless clients, we’re confident they’ll determine the most ideal entity for you.

Ever since The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the process for business tax preparation has been complicated. Off-the-shelf tax software often can’t keep up with recent changes in tax law.  They may be adequate for simple personal returns, but they usually aren’t reliable enough for complicated personal returns and business tax returns.  It’s certainly possible that they may not get you the highest possible refund.

But when you hire a Lehigh Acres CPA, they can make the difference between being caught by surprise during tax season and being prepared. In order to be consistently knowledgeable and aware of the particular tax regulations affecting corporations, it’s best to enlist the help of someone with the proper knowledge concerning taxes, such as Robert E. Clark. With our help, you can remain compliant with tax laws, avoid tax penalties, and better manage your tax liability.  

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Robert E. Clark takes an educational approach to small business accounting services in Lehigh Acres. This allows businesses to use best practices and establish standards so that the business can grow, and finances can be internally controlled. From the right accounting software for your business to pricing structures, Robert E. Clark, along with his team, will set your business up for growth and success.

Curious to know more about how the team at Robert E. Clark can help scale your business and manage your tax liability in Lehigh Acres? Give us a call at (305) 363-5429 or contact us online.

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