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The City of Bonita Springs is ideally located between the cities of Fort Myers and Naples on the Southwest Coast of Florida, along the Gulf of Mexico. Known as a welcoming beach community as well as a hidden romantic gem thanks to Lovers Key State Park, the city is host to a number of thriving local businesses and small to medium-sized corporations.

The team at Robert E. Clark, LLC knows how to help entrepreneurs in Bonita Springs to grow their small businesses and to navigate both state and federal tax codes. The accountancy was founded by Robert Clark, a Certified Public Accountant and a holder of a Master of Business Administration from Utah State University. Robert proudly served our country as a paratrooper as a member of the United States Army in the 82nd Airborne Division. Robert's varied and in-depth experience, education, discipline, and strength of character act as the support of his company.

Among his small business accounting services, Robert offers payroll, business filings, general bookkeeping, and accounting with day-to-day activities such as Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivables. Robert also provides tax advisory services with business tax preparation. The difference between Robert E. Clark, LLC and other accountancies is that not only does Robert and his team perform small business accounting and manage your tax liability, they also train you on how to grow your business.

Robert's educational approach establishes best practices and sets up standards and procedures to ensure your business has the internal controls necessary for success. From pricing structures to the right accounting software, Robert and his team will help to make sure that your business is prepared for growth.

To learn more about how Robert E. Clark, LLC is able to help your small business scale and to manage your business tax liability, call us at 1-305-363-5429 or contact us using our easy-to-use online form.

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